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Health and safety overview: This section provides an overview of health and safety practices and guidelines.
Regulations, policy and procedures: This section covers the regulations, policies, and procedures that need to be followed for maintaining health and safety standards.
Hazardous environments: This section focuses on the identification and management of hazardous environments.
Gas and environment monitoring: This section explains the importance of monitoring gas levels and the environment to ensure safety.
Risk assessments and method statements: This section covers the process of conducting risk assessments and creating method statements to mitigate potential risks.
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): This section discusses the importance of using personal protective equipment to ensure safety.
Safety equipment: This section highlights the different types of safety equipment that should be used in various work environments.
Respiratory Protective Equipment: This section emphasizes the use of respiratory protective equipment in situations where it is necessary.
Safe entry procedures: This section provides guidelines for safely entering hazardous areas.
Safe working procedures: This section outlines the procedures that should be followed to ensure safe working practices.
Safe exit procedures: This section explains the procedures for safely exiting hazardous areas.
Emergency arrangements: This section covers the necessary arrangements and protocols to be followed in case of emergencies.

Delegates will undergo practical assessments and a final written test paper as part of this City & Guilds course. Upon successful completion, students will receive a City & Guilds certificate that is valid for three years. This course is suitable for individuals working in high-risk confined spaces and potentially hazardous environments, where the use of self-contained breathing apparatus and non-standard entry procedures are involved. I was able to easily find and book the course I needed on this user-friendly website, even on short notice.


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