CAT & Genny (Cable Avoidance Testing) Course


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The First Aider role and responsibilities will be covered in this training. Participants will learn how to effectively manage emergencies, including dealing with unresponsive and responsive casualties, as well as managing breathing difficulties and chest pain. The training will also cover the understanding and operation of AEDs, as well as practical use of the device. Participants will also learn how to perform effective basic life support (CPR).

During the training, delegates will be continuously assessed by the tutor. This training is suitable for anyone who may need to operate an AED machine or wants to expand their first aid skills and knowledge.

Important information: Starting from 11th February, all delegates are required to wear a face covering while inside the training venue, unless eating or drinking. This includes individuals with medical exemptions. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact our customer service team.

In this training, participants will learn about the dangers of working near underground services and the safety procedures for evacuating or ground working. The training will follow the HSG 47 guidance for avoiding danger from underground services. Participants will also learn how to safely and effectively operate a CAT and Genny, locate underground services, identify damaged cables, pipes, and services, and understand the required personal protective equipment (PPE). Additionally, participants will learn how to easily locate underground services on a plan and update plans with the details of detected underground services.

The training will provide an introduction to cable avoidance tools (CAT) and signal generators (Gennys), as well as instructions on how to operate them safely and effectively. Participants will also learn about health and safety legislation and HSG 47 guidance, working in or near underground services, detecting underground pipes and cables, identifying service plans for electricity, gas, telecoms, and water, using ground-penetrating radar, and recognizing damaged and undamaged services. The training will also cover various types of utility services and drawing comprehensive plans to locate services.

Upon successful completion of the half-day CAT and Genny cable avoidance training, participants will receive a certificate of attendance. This course is suitable for individuals working in construction, groundwork, or maintenance, particularly operators and site supervisors who need to use cable avoidance tools and signal generators for their work.


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